A Million Miles From Yesterday.

There are actually a few things the music industry has the capability of doing correctly. Yeah, I said it. Yes,  the music.industry is suffering, just like the economy as a whole, but this actually goes back quite a while,  longer than anyone reading this has likely been alive.

What im talking about is the sense of community. The marketing and mental health worlds could learn from the way communities spring up around different genres or even bands. As a consumer, Ive been a part of communities related to all three at various times, and the most expansive, all inclusive, functioning communities was the live music one. At a bar with six other people, or an ampitheatre with twenty five thousand, I’ve never felt as home as I did at a concert. I’ve been chasing the feeling ever since I felt it for the first time.

The best communities have some kind of commonality. Concerts are a built in thing that you have in common with everyone else there. You may be from diferent places, different races, different living situations, or even come from exactly the same place. But none of that matters, because you are all where you are for one reason. One common theme. That’s all you really need. It doesn’t matter what it is, but there really only needs to be one.

Stop excluding people from what you are doing before you are able to discover that commonality,  you may be surprised at what you find.


Sad And Deep As You

Ahh, the all important first real post on a blog. Do I go with a background on myself and what I plan to write about? Do I restate everything in my bio but say it differently? Do I write about how this blog is different from every other blog out there simply because its mine?

Nope. Because I don’t know how to do that. Nor do I care to.

But here is what I do know. There are three things in my life that I am passionate about outside of family. They are music, marketing, and mental health. Happily, I have been able to find many different ways to intertwine those three passions, and am working on more and more ways as time goes by. Hopefully I can express them here, because to be honest, writing was never a strong point of mine UNLESS I really cared.

…and about this, I care. Deeply.

Let’s all have an adventure, what do you say?