The Ultimate Marketing Excercise

On Mike and Mike on ESPNRadio this morning, Matt Millen, a former Penn State football player said, and I will paraphrase, that with Penn State, the only thing that has really changed, is there is a new football coach or two, and some new administrative staff. While that may be the literal truth, it is not what most people believe. It just goes to show how different the court of public opinion is from what may actually be true. I’m not agreeing with Millen, but I don’t disagree with him either.

Public opinion outside of State College, PA is decidedly not a positive one. Based on Sandusky’s convictions, the Freeh Report, the statue removal, and the resignation of school officials, and hours upon hours of media coverage, its almost impossible to have a positive view of any of this, whether or not Millen is correct or not. Having a positive image of Penn State at all at ANY point soon, seems impossible. On the other hand, there have been plenty of people, places or things that have had terrible reputations at one point or another who have been able to rehabilitate themselves.

Is Penn State a special case? Can they ever rehabilitate their image in the eyes of public opinion? If so, what can they do? If no, what should they do?

I’m interested in your responses.


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