Live The Gimmick

At BJ’s, there are no hand baskets.

But there are oversized shopping carts, pallet loaders, and other similar transport items that you normally see in the lumber area of Home Depot.

If you need a couple things, they don’t want to sell them to you. Oh, if you have a membership, you can go in and buy one or two things, but you gotta wheel around the giant cart and look weird with two things in it at the giant checkout area. Then there’s the merchandise checker at the door. They don’t know what to do with you if you walk up to them without a cart, and with a case of soda and two bags of chips. I know, I’ve been that guy.

But, why no baskets? Its because BJ’s lives their gimmick. Nobody wants to pay a membership fee to shop somewhere they’ll be running in and grabbing something quick on occasion. People want to pay a membership fee to shop at a place where you can buy four pounds of strawberries, nine toothbrushes, and a hundred pack of disposable razors, all alongside a variety pack of mini potato chip bags, and a seventy five pack of Keurig kCups.

Shopping at BJ’s is not a thing you should be doing as a quick stop on the way home from work. Shopping at BJ’s is an event. Bring your boxes and bags, and empty out your trunk and backseat, because you’ll need the room for all you bought. Hope your freezer at home has room!

Just one example of one of those little things that means so much.





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