Closing Time

I’m sure you’re aware of this weekends event. Yup, its the start of the new advertising season.

Oh, yeah, and the Super Bowl, too. Complete with obligatory overblown halftime show as has been made the usual in the last decade or so. This year, its Madonna. Well, shit – she’s pretty much a study in masterful marketing all to herself, but she’s got a new album to pimp, so I guess that’s that.

But I digress, music is not my focus today. For better or for worse, the Super Bowl has become more about the commercials than anything else. Given, the average Super Bowl draws in hundreds of millions of viewers in every potential demographic that could be dreamed of. Three million plus dollars for an advertisement that will be seen by the four people who it would benefit, and then another gazillion that couldn’t give a crap. Really? Why not spend that money on your product instead.

Yeah, I know, most of if not all of the advertisers are huge already, and that three million is nothing to any of them. But THINK of the impact of an extra three million dollars on R&D, or training, or for that matter, hiring people to do your customer service who aren’t complete assholes or morons.

Plus, now with the internet and its associate social media, half of the commercials end up released before the actual game anyhow. Doesn’t that lessen the impact? Yes, I get it…you got the new hotness for your commercial…DON’T SHOW ME THE COMMERCIAL BEFORE YOU ANNOUNCE ITS DEBUT AFTER IVE ALREADY SEEN IT! That’s idiotic. Yes, I know there are people who don’t spend all day on the internet, and don’t use YouTube or send videos around on their smartphone, but just stop it. If its meant to be a TV commercial, and to have a massive debut on the most watched tv show in months, don’t let me see it on YouTube several weeks before the game, because I already don’t give a shit. I don’t care about your commercial, I probably don’t even remember the product, either. You don’t need to be the first, or the coolest, or the company that got the cool new thing in their commercial to be the best.

You just need to be the best. Period.


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