In My Room


Your Happy Place.

Comfort Food.


All of these have one thing in common. Well, probably more than one, but that’s not my point. Each of the above things can be turned to in moments of insecurity, doubt, or confusion as a way to make things right within yourself, or can be relied upon when everything else is unreliable.

That’s something that is desirable to almost everyone, and that is understandable. Fallback is something everyone wants to have. But fallback is BORING. If you have fallback, that means you really don’t have to put in that extra effort, because you have something you can go back to.

People who are truly good at what they do, will generally not have something to fall back on. Can that potentially bite them in the ass? Of course. But that is something that will keep the right kind of person going…because if you have nothing to fall back on, you CANNOT fail. Failure at that point can be catastrophic. Oh, it still happens, and its devastating, for sure. But if you fail when you have nothing to fall back on, you damn well know you did everything you could.

The reward for fallback is still there, but I can guarantee you it won’t be as big or as sweet as the reward for putting it all out there, success or not. The reward for safety may be satisfying enough at the time, but after a while, it will cease to feel like a reward, because in reality, it never was one in the first place.

Reach for that brass ring, or as my good friend Sarah Robinson says, burn your ships…and you will know the true rewards, no matter what your potential is.


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