On a previous blog that’s not really completely retired, because I try to write for it now and again, but I haven’t published on it in months, one of my more popular entries was titled Depression and Social Marketing. At the time I wrote it, to be honest, it was a throwaway post based on a question I’d been asking myself for a while. I don’t even consider it that good a post, but apparently it struck a chord with a lot of people, because I’ve gotten hits on it from around the world, and in some of the referrer links, it appears as the first link on top of the search engine. Worldwide. That’s INSANE to me.

The thing is, despite not thinking it was that good of a post, and really publishing it because I needed to put something up at that point, the subject of the post is actually one of the most important things I’ve ever written about. Its actually one of the reasons why this whole blog here itself exists today. Do I, or anyone else who has anxiety, one of many forms of depression, are introverted, socially anxious, or whatever their mental condition or imbalance need to be treated any differently? Why or why not?

I can understand the want for a community that you can relate to, hell EVERYONE wants that. Everyone wants to belong somewhere. But really, unless it is directly mentioned, how do you really know the person who you talk to online every day on Twitter, or on your message board, or your email list (hey, remember those? I do.), or your blog is any different from anyone else?

Does the fact that there are some days when I don’t want to get out of bed, or eat, or go to work, or times when I declined an invitation to go out with friends for a drink really mean that I respond differently to marketing stimuli? I don’t think so. Child, adult, male, female, New York, California, Catholic, Jewish and so on, yes. Demographics and things like that DEFINITELY respond different to marketing stimuli, I don’t think that’s in question, it’s pretty much the base for our industry. But I don’t view mental state, whether it be permanent, temporary or under control as something that would affect response to stimuli, other than whether it exists or not as a general statement – cause if I’m not getting out of bed, I’m not going to go buy something.

Am I climbing the wrong tree here? Am I declining to see the difference because its natural to me since its what I see on a regular basis? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I have a couple different things to say here. First I would like to point out I don’t like the strange connection social media provides. Go watch Cowboy Bebop Episode 23 “Brain Scratch”. You will love it, trust me. Second I can understand marketing towards people who you would think wouldn’t be driven to do much consuming. Unfortunately the marketing scheme behind that demographic is a clouded one, basically the logic behind it is that you have already been targeted in a group of people who statistically will make bad consumer choices. Which is why day time television is flooded with those “As Seen On Television” commercials. Google and Facebook, have permission to track your movements online, which has you fall into a new marketing type. There are studies that prove that longer you stay online, especially on social media sites, but the longer you stay connected there more endorphins your brain will produce and the longer you stay away the further withdrawal you go through. So when sites are given the permission to track your movements to market towards you, the longer you stay on the higher the chance that one of those specially made just for you commercials will catch your attention. The drive to consume anything is limited to the stimuli based behind it, marketing is all about making things look good.
    There is an interesting power in being able to get through to a mind that finds no drive in anything or much at all. The ability to get even a seconds worth of information into a brain that is already filtering information so finely that there is no way you could possibly conceive what it would take to convince you to pay attention to anything more then a medication commercial sounds almost completely impossible. I love marketing to it’s full potential, all it is about is targeting what would make you happy and selling you that product.
    Third, if you don’t understand what in the world you would buy if you didnt want to get out of bed in the first place, well just look at your phone. Your phone is a prime example of what is being targeted at you. I have a Driod Pro, that has no service and only works in wifi that I refer to as my pocket computer. I use it at work for pandora, facebook and craigslist, sometimes google or wiki, I also have various apps that useful in real life and i can use offline, I also own plague( don’t judge). my point is I hate the unhealthy way the connection interacts with our brains and limit my time with it. Just look at your phone, what model is it? how old is it? what features do you have on it? and if you don’t get many phone calls, why dont you cancel your service and get a track phone and just use it as a pocket computer? Cause you can’t, because you are a marketing demographic without even recognizing it, and that is how it is working. genius pure genius. ** disclaimer please inform me if I read this wrong and I rambled on for no reason or if you have since come to this conclusion on your own terms, I have had a couple glasses of wine, lol.**

    • honestly the post is three years old, I can’t even remember what I was talking about…but yeah, marketing is both awesome and rediculous, and its why I chose to go to school for it, even though I barely use it.

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