I believe in the healing power of music.

Yeah, I said it. In my life, I haven’t met an emotion, an experience, or one of many other things that can’t be affected by music in one way or another.

A song can make a good day a bad one, make a hour commute to work seem like five minutes, make the unmemorable into the memorable, and of course, can do the opposite, as well. A song can trigger a memory, create a new one, make you laugh, make you smile, make you cry, make you scream, or stop you dead in your tracks.

There are songs I listen to that make me remember a specific moment in time, whether it be a good memory or a bad one. I can instantly be at my wedding dancing with my wife for the first time, or driving home from graduation rehearsal when I found out my aunt had passed away, or dancing in the aisles at my first concert when I was seven years old. Yes, I realize these are memories I have, and would likely have regardless, but to me, they aren’t as powerful without what was behind them. It could have been the lyrics, the music itself, or something completely unrelated to the actual song at all…but the music is what brings it back.

On the other side of it, music can be used to alter an experience so that it turns out differently than it may have without it. I make it no secret that I have more than my share of issues, whether they be realistic or not. I make it no secret that I have trouble with anxiety, depression, and antisocialism. This is truly where the healing can come in…but also where the opposite comes in, as I mentioned above. Yes, its true that music can change or sustain a mood for many people, but it doesn’t only work on good moods. I have certain things I can listen to that can bring me out of a spin, make me smile when I don’t want to, and I have certain things I can listen to that can continue the bad mood, make me angry, make me want to scream, and so on.

Music and health in general have a close relationship. Even if you don’t think so…take a moment and really think about it – I’ll bet you can find SOMETHING in there. Share below if you choose…I’d love to hear what you guys have to say.


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